Olaplex No 9

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Olaplex No 9



When it comes to pollution—not even your hair is safe. We’re realizing how pollutants affect and damage our skin, but our hair, made up of keratin and dead skin cells, takes on just as much damage. The free radical damage incurred by pollutants in the air (known as PM or particulate matter) can cause build up, dull hair color, and more. We’re exposed to them every day, indoors and outside. Since there’s no escaping them, we created a solution in the new OLAPLEX Nº.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum.

The same pollutants we worry about breathing in, are the ones that affect our hair too. Some environmental pollutants include, car exhaust, smoke, and dust. Spring is often the most polluted time of the year, which means this season, it’s time to get protected. Nº.9 is an anti-damage hair shield. If your hair looks dull, tangles, or fails to hold a style, you could have signs of pollution or heat damage.

Pollutants can affect the hair in many ways, from scalp irritation, brittleness, breakage, and hair loss. Nº.9 gives a 48 hour Pollution Protection Index! It features antioxidant-rich Red Algae Extract and scientifically proven OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology, giving the hair satin shine, softness, style memory, bounce back curls, anti-tangle and anti-static. Apply it as the first step in your styling routine, by applying a small amount to damp hair working upward from ends to roots. Use more product as needed for longer, thicker hair.

If hair stays unprotected, air pollution builds up, and the hair appears dull and damaged. Red algae extract bonds to wet hair like an invisible shield to block pollutants, nourish hair, and deliver potent antioxidants to the cuticle that neutralize free radicals before they cause damage.

The free radicals that pollutants create destroy hair bonds and proteins that cause tangles, split ends, breakage, and hair that’s hard to style. Antioxidants can prevent free radical damage, while bond building rebuilds the hair that was broken. During our most environmentally pollutant season, there’s no better way to protect than adding Nº.9 into your routine!





For Women


90 ml